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Jan 07

The Circle of Leadership: a Religion

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True leaders lead, inspire trust, focus on people. “To devote your life to the good of all and to the happiness of all is religion,” says Swami Vivekananda.  At cross-roads today, India needs to pick the right leadership and regain its faith in ‘Satyameva Jayate’.

Nov 18

India Can!

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By Kanchan Banerjee

Dec 17


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I want to be a winner. Badly. So badly I can taste it.

Nov 16

Harrowing Time For Husbands

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The scariest situation for a husband (or a boyfriend) is to suddenly be confronted with that one little question for which they are never quite prepared. 

Nov 08

Media as an Entertainer

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Too much seriousness is a killer. Just think about it. Every day when we wake up in the morning, newspapers, television and the Internet assail us with stories of untimely deaths, unacceptable corruption, unmanageable population, unwanted systemic failures. Should these stories turn into permanent residents of our mindscape, our smiles would disappear for eternity. Preoccupied with what is spiritually emasculating, the mind will be unable to respond to the little joys of life. Is this what we need? I don’t think so. I don’t think anybody does.

Sep 27

New Global Indian Foundation celebrates the success of the first ever Global Indian Business Meet in New York City

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May 14

Silver Screen @ 100

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Time has come to raise a toast to Indian celluloid that's a century-old. It's a moment of great national pride and glory for all cinema lovers. Significantly, completion of 10 decades of movies is creating a buzz in the land of cineastes.

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