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Pobierz Arabska Ksiazniczka Chomikuj





Arabska Ksiazniczka Pdf Calosc - Blog Delta Sport

Pobierz Arabska Ksiazniczka Pdf Calosc. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â ARABSKA KSIĘŻNICZKA - Prószyński i S-ka. wieść Arabska księżniczka, która jest kontynuacją ...


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Pobierz Kobieta Z Koniem





kobieta z koniem uprawia sex - Video Dargoole

Video: kobieta z koniem uprawia sex. - Video embed to Dargoole. Dargoole search your video.


Pobierz Masa O Pieniadzach Polskiej Mafii Pdf Chomikuj





masa o pieniadzach polskiej mafii pdf -

Wynik dla: masa o pieniadzach polskiej mafii pdf Ilość wyników: Czas generowania: 0.004s


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Pobierz Pokemon Fire Red Download Pl Gba





Przyjazny dysk internetowy - to przyjazny serwis do przechowywania i udostępniania plików. Darmowa, nieograniczona przestrzeń i mnóstwo plików do pobrania.


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Pobierz Skalpel Wyzwanie Sciagnij Za Darmo





Skalpel wyzwanie download • Pobierz za darmo

Pobierz za darmo skalpel wyzwanie . Aby rozpocząć download wybierz jeden z poniższych plików. Nie każda aplikacja jest dostępna do pobrania po polsku. LINK


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Saleta Adamek CAŁA WALKA

Saleta Adamek cała walka



Tomasz Adamek vs. Przemysław Saleta cała walka! (video)

Starcie Adamka z Saletą to wyjątkowa walka. Dlaczego? Otóż dla Tomasza Adamka miała to być ostatnia walka w karierze bokserskiej. Jak się okazało


Adamek Saleta cała walka Adamek Saleta walka free Adamek Saleta gdzie ogląda ... Saleta Adamek Skrot Walki

Adamek Saleta Walka - Boks Wydarzenia

Aktualne wydarzenia w boksie - Adamek Saleta walka online już na Polsat boxing night online 2015. Gala którą musisz obejrzeć ! Saleta Adamek Polsat Boxing Night


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Pobierz Szminki Roz Chomikuj Mp3





Video - Szminki Róż - polskie mp3 - lukashPL666 -

Video - Szminki Róż • polskie mp3 • pliki użytkownika lukashPL666 przechowywane w serwisie • Video Szminki Róż.avi, Video Szminki Róż.jpg URL


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Pobierz Str 73 Zad 1 2





str. 73 w planeta nowa 1 zad.2: odszukaj i wypisz nazwy ...

str. 73 w planeta nowa 1 zad.2: odszukaj i wypisz nazwy form polodowcowych ukryte w diagramie. 19.03.2012


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Arnold Now And Then

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then and now. « News blog

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then and now. Then . AND NOW? This entry was posted on Saturday, March 31st, 2007 at 7:19 am and is filed under Celebrity . You can ... Abs Workout For Men

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Then and Now - Funny Bodybuilding ...

It appears Arnold Schwarzenegger's age is catching up with him. Leon Isaac Kennedy

Arnold Now And Then > Pics & galleries

Images for: arnold now and then. Arnold Schwarzenegger Now an... Details: 630px × 420px 57 kB. Arnold Schwarzenegger Now Bo... Details: 500px × 389px 46 kB

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (/ ... Schwarzenegger then went against the advice of fellow Republican ... Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted and filmed in 2015 ... url

Hey arnold! then and now

Hey arnold! then and now Josie Sy. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 10 10. Loading ... Full House Cast Then and Now 2013 - Duration: 3:45. by 8jjensen1 ... Sad Girl In Love


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Posted by on in Editorials by Kanchan

August 15 is celebrated in Delhi, the national capital of modern India and the Indraprastha of ancient India. Amid the never-ending whiff of corruption, inflation and economic growth, one wonders if the government has become irrelevant. It is collective strength of money power, business and power of information (and disinformation), which seems to be running the world. The scenes in Hastinapur and Indraprastha, depicted in the Mahabharata, has come back to haunt us.

Actions of many world leaders, including in India, remind us of the Kaurava hero, Duryodhana. Asked whether he was aware of his misdeeds, he retorted, "I know what's a righteous behavior, I know what's evil. I, however, act according to the dictates of some forces who dwells in my heart." At least, he was an epitome of frank candor.

Unfortunately, a similar yardstick of honesty doesn't apply to many world leaders, more so in India, and also a large section of the citizenry, who stand accused of dereliction of their duties and responsibilities.

Every newborn in the country learns corruption and black money as the first few words. Every hour about 2,000 babies are born in India alone. It indicates that the demand for resources like land, water and food is increasing exponentially. Besides, air will require more oxygen, and fewer pollutants. The environment will be hotter than before. There will be a complete depletion of underground water table from major Indian cities. An ever-increasing number of plant and animal species are near-extinct. Population explosion and misuse of natural resources remain the biggest worry. Population growth is not the only culprit, misuse and mismanagement of earth's resources is the most important factor.

There is an Indian phrase, gyan papi, which literally translates to "knowledge sinner" or wrong doing even after being aware of the misdeeds. David Maister summed it up well in Strategy and the Fat Smoker: "We often know what we should be doing and why – just as fat smokers know they should stop smoking and lose weight. Real strategy lies not in deciding what to do, but in devising ways to ensure we do more of what we know we should do".

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    mrityunjay says #

Posted by on in Editorials by Chandran

Around a month ago, one of my former students from India -- after having completed an MBA in media management -- shifted to Dubai with a media marketing profile. He took up the Dubai assignment at the expense of his marketing communication profile with a well-known media organization in Mumbai.

Let us first note what are the usual inferences attached to such a movement of a skilled Indian in various associated circles!

The person in question might feel elated, thinking that the market in Dubai must be easier to manage than Mumbai, along with the quality of life and remuneration much higher. The employer in Dubai might not get the right talent required at the desired wage locally, and hence wants to get him from India, though unsure of the return on investment as the talent is raw in the Middle East market. The colleagues in Dubai may look at him with apprehension: not sure as to how he will add value since he is unaware of the difference between Deira and Satwa, or Knowledge City and Academic City!

The parents are happy because their son's income has gone up exponentially, and yet are unhappy that he is far away. The friends back home are jealous and analysing how and why he could manage the relocation. Ideologues back in India would consider it a brain drain. Ideologues or conservatives in the Middle East might consider him just another expat coming to make a quick buck in Dubai sans any commitment to the society and economy here!

There is an error of judgement perhaps in all of these stereotypical views. Let me take them up one by one.


Posted by on in Editorials by Chandran

How come Krishnan becomes Chris, Ramaswami becomes Rums, Harikisan becomes Harry, Dixit becomes Dick or Mangala becomes Maggie when they join a firm in the US? Is it just to shorten their name so that their American friends can pronounce it with ease, or is it a reflection of a deep-seated sub-conscious inferiority in their own name and culture?

I certainly would like to believe that it is to help their US counterparts pronounce their tongue-twisting names with ease because the perception of India in the eyes of the West has undergone a monumental change in the last few years. India is no longer viewed as the land of snake charmers and beggars but as a country with brilliant software entrepreneurs, engineers, and visionaries. But still some foreigners like to paint a gloomy and ugly picture of India sidelining its tremendous growth and development.

The first film made by a foreigner to portray India's poverty and squalour was Louis Malle. Malle made a documentary film, Calcutta, about India, 

Chandran-Iyerwhich was released in cinemas in 1968, and later broadcast as a seven-part TV series called L'Inde fantôme (Phantom India) on the BBC.

Concentrating on real India, its rituals and festivities, Malle fell out with the Indian government, which disliked his portrayal of the country and consequently banned the BBC from filming in India for several years.


Posted by on in Editorials by Haimanti

Nobel laureate and doyen of Bengali literature Rabindranath Tagore wrote 'Amar Sonar bangla, aami tomay bhalobashi' (Oh! my golden Bengal, I love you) almost a century ago. As we celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of the litterateur per excellence, we're confronted with a pertinent question: has Gurudev's dream of a golden Bengal is in Utopia? He did not live to see a free India, but he had great hopes and expectations from the people Bengal, who could contribute handsomely to a resurgent India. Has Bengal fulfilled his wish? A trip down memory lane illustrates a job well begun is only half done.

During the period of legendary West Bengal chief minister Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, the state flourished in many areas of development. However subsequent governments and leaders failed to up the tempo. Bengal, the land of Atish Dipankar, Sri Chaitanya, Bankim Chandra, Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and many legends took to Communism. Though the ruling Marxists took the democratic route to come to power, their inaction for a record 34 years proved to be its undoing. Bengal plummeted as far as progress and development are concerned. Ironically, the believers of 'rule of the proletariat' gradually appropriated the role of the bourgeois. The word comrade lost its meaning among the members of the ruling class. Political imbalance and poor governance, strikes and militant trade unionism became a norm.

Though there was some visible economic progress lately, the state has lagged behind its leading counterparts, leading to a poor Human Development Index and abysmal healthcare systems. Chronic power failures and inadequate infrastructure have failed to attract much needed investments in industry, which severely hampered the state's socio-economic growth.

A political change has, indeed, happened, leading to the installation of new non-Left state government. Naturally, hopes are very high. One can draw a parallel to US president Barrack Obama's election to office. It remains to be seen whether new West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee would be able to deal with the situation aptly to fast track growth? Yes, we can?

People of Bengal are looking for a change for some very basic needs. Impartial and non-corrupt governance, good healthcare, infrastructure and uninterrupted power supply along with education and industrial growth.


The connections between India and Sri Lanka are of epic proportions. Ramayan, is the link between two neighbors. But, the public memory is short. A total recall is unlikely even after seeing the satellite images of the legendary Ram Sethu that loosely connects the two countries.

While scholars and believers spar over the Ram Sethu, shared cultural, economic and political ties have all along strengthened the bonds. Though Lanka was vanquished in the title clash for the cricket World Cup by the men in blue, the healthy rivalry brought to bear the inextricable link between two nations, powered by sports. Both the countries share Buddhist and Tamil-Hindu traditions for millennia.

Kanchan-BanerjeeOriginally part of the Non-Aligned Movement after the Independence (India gained freedom in 1947, and Sri Lanka a year after), both joined the SAARC and are co-signatories of the SAFTA and more recently the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade treaties.

Though there have been sporadic ups and downs in the relationships between the two, the nations have been let minor hiccups to spoil the cordial ties. The bonhomie had peaked when both the countries were led by women — Indira Gandhi and Sirimavo Bandarnaike. India had provided air and naval support to Lanka to quash the armed uprising of JVP. But unfortunately the transit facilities given by Lanka to Pakistani Air Force, while India was helping Bangladesh in its liberation struggle in 1971, caused much damage to the relationship. Later, the Tamilians' bid to self-determination caused further turmoil.

The India Sri Lanka Agreement (ISLA – 1989) and the presence of Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) had led to diplomatic fallout, until the IPKF was withdrawn in 1990. Though, the Lankan government has managed to quell the Tamil militancy, the Emerald Isle is in dire need of a slew of reforms. The need of the hour is a sustained truth and reconciliation mission between the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamilians to make both warring communities to be at peace with each other.


Is Indian democracy bracing for a change? The premise for the argument is the paradigm shift in power in various states like Bengal, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Naturally, hopes are high that the changes are to the heart's content of the masses, who have been instrumental in the change of guard.

It is well known now that credits for building many important pillars of our civilization such as the introduction of the number system was not clearly given to India till very recently. History reveals that though glory is given to Greece for the birth of democracy, albeit short lived and merely a prototype, various parts of India at different times had similar concepts at work.

India, if not the oldest, is definitely the largest democracy, representing over 1.2 billion people. And people of Indian origin live in numerous countries carry core democratic values such as pluralism of thoughts and practice which is the foundation of Indian society.

While India has adopted the path of a secular democracy, this system rests on many contradicting and sectarian factors; caste and religion play a major role in the elections of thousands of representatives at different levels. Rigging, stuffing of the ballot box and manipulation of the EVMs have all along been the major perils, and booth capturing has been the de rigueur.

The real challenge is to rescue Indian democracy from being reduced to a caricature of a political ideology and from creation of a privileged ruling class.


"If you were prime minister now, what would you have done about the economy and this crisis that Mr. Harper has not done? This utterly simple question put to Canadian politician Stephane Dion who was in the running for the prime minister's office in 2008 by the anchor of CTV Steve Murphy made Dion so jittery that he clammed up. Dion made the anchor repeat the question thrice, and yet he could not answer and only fumbled awkwardly.

The embarrassed MP then requested CTV not to air the footage, but the channel decided against it making the Canadians gasp in astonishment. This goof-up by a seasoned politician is regarded as one of the most embarrassing political blunders in Canada.

Dion was the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and the Leader of the Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons. Dion resigned as Liberal leader after the party's defeat in the 2008 general election, but remained in parliament and was re-elected in the 2011 polls.

But, Dion is not an exception. Internationally several politicians have made bloomers in front of the media. Some have been harmless and hilarious, while others have been serious and they had to pay a price.

The then Vice President George Bush committed a faux pas during his presidential campaign. In one of his speeches, he said, "For seven and a half years, I've worked alongside President Reagan. We've had triumphs. Made some mistakes. We've had some sex ... uh ... setbacks."


Posted by on in Editorials by Chandran

In 1982, the American bestselling author and screen writer Irving Wallace wrote a thrilling book " The Almighty" about a newspaper tycoon who was so obsessed with increasing the circulation of his newspaper that he would stop at nothing to get the most exclusive and sensational story in his paper .

It was the story of a man who gets so intoxicated with power that he becomes a megalomaniac. In the novel the newspaper tycoon Edward Armstead who inherits a vast news empire, first wants to shape the news, then manipulate and control it and finally tries to create it by paying money to the most dangerous elements to trigger horrendous crimes in the city which are exclusively covered in his newspaper. As a result of these exclusive sensational stories, the circulation of this newspaper zooms to stratospheric heights. This novel indicted the news media which manipulates the news to boost its circulation.

I read this novel when I was in the college and wondered whether any news organization could stoop this low just to get a great sensational story. I was happy that it was just a fiction.

Television channels in India which are so obsessed with TRPs to attract advertising revenues should take a cue from what has happened to News of The World

Come 2011 and see what is happening in the world of news media. Engulfed in a massive scandal Britain's biggest selling tabloid News of the World which was 168 years old summarily shut down its edition. Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman of the News Corp which owns the tabloid was forced to take this extreme step because of allegations that its journalists had hacked the voicemails of thousands of people from child murder victims to the families of Britain's war dead. It was accused of hacking into cell phones of a number of celebrities including film star, politicians and sports figures. Politicians were too scared of the power of Murdoch to make, break and shape government policies. The tabloid lost advertising revenues and alienated millions of readers.