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Innovation in Action - India Innovation Initiative - Innovative business ideas in India

Innovative business ideas in India

creativity in business - innovative business ideas in india

It is another classic example of how the Indian-ness is retained and "married" with technology to create an innovative product, never thought of before. The bharatmatrimony site goes further to include region and caste specific branch sites to cater to the 'exact needs' of the Indian family.

Scooters which soared to popularity after the World War II have been marketed in India off late with utmost zeal as the perfect vehicle for the Indian towns and small cities. Parking, storage, and traffic issues in crowded cities, along with the easy driving position make them a popular form of urban transportation.

Scooty, the Scooterette brand from TVS, markets the product as the ideal one for chic teenage girls and college students, offering a range of colors such as orange, green, pink- essentially colors which are traditionally associated with women. The brand campaign features the new age girl with the so-called bold attitude. The brand message is "Do your own thing, girls ".The brand is clearly targeting the new urban youth and is following the image of the young urban Indian consumer. Most of the brands are now using a kind of a rebel, indulgent, sexy, naughty, independent image to portray the Indian youngsters.

The brand, which initially targeted the young office going adult, has moved from its erstwhile suave, serious image to a naughty, indulgent, personality and is running a campaign for Streak called "Sinfully Black ". The Scooty is a commodity which young girls crave for to easily navigate through the crammed and winding Indian streets.

It has its promised utilities and thus it is an interesting mixture of a consumer good with traces of conspicuous consumption. Towns and smaller cities such as Jamshedpur, Durgapur, and Vadodara, among many others, are home to consumers of this innovative market-strategized product.

Cadbury Dairy milk has always churned out refined ads and their latest campaign declaring Kuchch Meetha Ho Jaaye shows a family and the importance of the small, sweet gestures in its functioning.

The TATA Ace, aka Chota Hathi is another technological innovation. Launched in 2005, the TATA Ace is a mini truck which tasted resounding success due to a deep understanding of the market needs and consumer requirements.

The growing Indian economy demanded smaller vehicles that could be navigated through the narrow lanes and by-lanes of cities and small towns to service the feeder routes. The overall design, fit and finish differentiated the vehicle from the three wheelers and at the same time bestowed social prestige to the owner as well as the driver of the vehicle.

The sporty, car-like features ensured comfort in ride and handling. Within 22 months of the launch, the company rolled out the 100000th Ace, surpassing the company's optimistic targets. The vehicle advertised using the symbol of a baby elephant with the tag-line "small is big" is a pristine example to academicians who pursue interests in innovative thinking in the Indian market.

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