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Wary Waters – Importance of Water Conservation And Ways To Conserve Water

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save water pictures about water conservation methods

Water, an easily available and free commodity which is imperative for survival, is soon going to become the most difficult to obtain. This fact alone was the centre-point of discussion at the Water Conservation session of PBD 2012. Not only was the problem discussed but plausible solutions water conservation methods were also suggested.

Water Conservation Facts
  1. A word of caution: India will become water stressed soon! It, therefore, is vitally important to think on the importance of water conservation
  2. Water is more costly than oil! So it is more important to think about water conservation and find ways to conserve water
  3. 50% of spending under the NREGA scheme is for the purpose of Water Conservation!
  4. Satellites are searching for planets with water!
  5. Australia is turning brown!
  6. A single drop of water leaking from a tap amounts to 10,000 litres of water loss annually! So people should be educated on various water conservation methods and ways to conserve water
  7. Nostradamus said that the third world war will happen because of Water!

These striking statements and many other unknown facts about Water and importance of water conservation were presented by the esteemed members of the dais; Shri Subodh Kant Sahay (Honorable Minister of Tourism, Govt. of India), Shri Jitendra Singh (Cabinet Minister of Energy and PHE, Govt. of Rajasthan), Shri Atul Jain (Additional Chief Secretary of Water, Govt. of Rajasthan) and Shri Atul Jain (CEO of TIKO). A two hundred and fifty member audience was all ears to know about the importance of water conservation.

India due to its diverse geography suffers from several varied water related problems. Rajasthan's problem is to fight the desert while Kerala's problem is sea erosion. There is water shortage at Cherrapunji too, which incidentally records the highest rainfall in the country, due to lack of water conservation and water storage mechanisms. Hence the only solution is to SAVE WATER.

The problem was deeply discussed but the focus was majorly on the solutions that came out of the deliberation:

  • We need to inculcate renewed interest in the traditional methods of water conservation.
    • Roof Water: Using the roofs of old houses to store rain water which can be utilized for drinking and cooking purposes, it being pure and clean. This is one of the ways to conserve water.
    • Extensive exploitation of ground water.
  • NGOs along with Government support need to work on Social Entrepreneurship in Water Conservation
  • Developing water conservation methods by which Rain water can directly enter the earth. Natural recycling of water.
  • Conversion of saline water into drinking water
  • Discovery of other sources of water
  • 20 – 30 % water saving on daily basis as a part of an individual agenda
Overseas Indian Development FundOverseas Indians can associate with the same and get involved in ‘Save Water’ campaigns. Contribute towards submitting a routine report to the Government of India about issues of major concern, water being one of the forerunners.
Innovative and Exemplary case studyGRAM VIKAS in Odisha has managed to fulfill requirements of thousands in the remote tribal areas of the state. A three tap connection has been provided for every tribal house, that is, one tap each in the toilet, bathroom and kitchen. This is done by utilizing gravity with no use of electricity whatsoever.

There is a huge need for SOCIAL INNOVATIONS in water conversation as opposed to only TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS. Perhaps, only then, this giant of a catastrophe can be successfully countered.

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