Welcome Pravasi

Welcome Pravasi

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Time is ripe again for the ‘homecoming’ of the Indian Diaspora: and also for celebrating their achievements. Twenty-five million plus people of Indian origin, whether or not born in India and living outside of India in over 100 countries, are drawn towards their motherland that is variously referred to as Bharat, Hindustan or simply India – a land of dreams. Yes, India is far from perfect. The mother, once richest in the world, is unable to fulfill the basic needs of its people such as food, education and healthcare today. But a mother is always a mother.

Today, India stands out not only because of its economic progress but also due to the fact that it has the world’s second largest population. Most of them are poor. The largest number of illiterate and poor people live in India. While the Government cannot do everything, it has certain responsibilities nonetheless. It is a shame that while people view India as a super power, the ground reality is that a very small percentage of its population reaps the benefits of progress. The so-called ‘trickle down’ effect is non-existent. The bottom of the pyramid continues to be huge.

The powerful and rich rule. Corruption is there in every part of the society, religious fanaticism is worrisome, gun-culture and separatism in the name of Jihad and Naxalism is threatening the very foundation of the nation.

No matter how disappointing the situation is, hope remains eternal because a glorious past is an impetus for a better future. Mark Twain, the celebrated creator of Tom Sawyer, had once said: “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!” India still remains that land of treasure and the responsibility to safeguard it rests with the current leadership and people alike. Indians living across the globe also have a responsibility as well. When people in India tend to slacken, the global Indians have been and can be great catalysts for change.

Will, determination and a great ethical and moral turn of the masses in the society can change the scenario any time. A huge population is a challenge for any progress, yet there lies opportunities – plenty of scope to undertake, both by people living in India and those living outside. India needs herculean efforts in many fields such as energy, education, water, environment, skill training and technology. The sky is the limit to pick from.

The Pravashi Bharatiya Divas, and other such events are great occasions to be part of. Hence, the homecoming becomes more relevant, not only for a feeling of the mother’s lap and her blessings and the reunion, but also for seeing what one can do to make India and the world at large, wherever one’s birthplace or workplace is, a better place to live in. That is the real treasure one can leave for the future generations.

I would like to thank our readers, subscribers, well-wishers and sponsors for all the support we have received for helping the NGI platform touch a new height. We wish you all a great and prosperous New Year 2014.

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