Revisiting Jharkhand

20 years after visiting the mineral capital of India, the state of Jharkhand for the last time, I met the current Chief Minister Shri Raghubar Das here in San Francisco. In his two years of tenure much changed in the State. He came to the Silicon Valley primarily to solidify business partnerships with major tech giants such as Oracle and HP. He also hosted private meetings with investors and patrons interested to invest and collaborate in the region with the help of TIE Silicon Valley. Later he visited New York. He is the 6th Chief Minister of Jharkhand after the state ...
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Saving Tax for NRIs: Some Tips

Indians emigrate every year in great numbers. It may be for higher education, plush jobs, better lifestyle – but fact is, that permanent settlement is what many settle for. Goals are achieved, dreams become a reality that push them to reach out to success. There are huge monetary gains. Indians working abroad earn in foreign currency, but at the same time, they may have some investments, deposits and properties that earn income back in India. Hence, the question of filing taxes in India comes up. Residential status of a tax player is important It is essential to determine the residential ...
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Business Leadership

Indian-born CEOs: the flavor of the season

By Shree Lahiri Google. Microsoft. Pepsi. Adobe. Cognizant. SanDisk Corporation. NetApp. All big international corporates. But, what is the common thread that links them? They all have Indian-born CEOs at the helm. As the image of India has been seeing a sea-change in the global arena, with the PM on a singularly focused mission, Indian-born CEOs have been trending in global companies, and have been leaving a blazing trail from Day 1. Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google We can start this trail with Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, he worked at McKinsey & Company before he joined Google. ...
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India Doing Byusiness
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The Business of Doing Business

By Bikram Vohra The relationship between the mother country and the great Indian Diaspora has been ambivalent at best. Hardnosed business acumen and softhearted nationalistic zeal are not necessarily compatible. Foreign based Indians far outnumber mainland Chinese equivalents but only dispatch 20 percent of the foreign earnings sent home by the Chinese. The reasons for these are multiple. Indians invest largely in themselves and larger family units through land, housing and other property deals. Business ventures still suffer from time lag and the traditional choke offered by bureaucratic red tape. The pillar to post scramble, the exhausting chase for NOCs ...
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