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South Africa

Capers on the golf course

A group of retired educators are often seen in fellowship on the golf course. The fact that these are not mundane outings is demonstrated in this article by Thayalan Reddy an ardent member who is a Fulbright linguistics scholar. Indians playing golf are perhaps like Bengal tigers coming out of the woods (pun definitely intended) to assail an unwary public. But not everyone is cognisant of the creative linguistic phenomenon that occurs when Indians take enthusiastically to teeing off at the course. Our group is a merry mix of north and south- with the south dominating. So when Sardar is ...
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Atul Gupta with Jacob Zuma
Politics South Africa

Local Government Elections in South Africa: Time for the ANC to Introspect

By Dasarath Chetty The community of Indian South Africans is approximately 1.3 million strong; a relatively small minority when one considers that the total population is almost 52 million. However, over half this number live in Durban and surrounding areas, and over 800 000 in total live in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. It is therefore the City and Province in which Indians become a significant element in local government elections making up approximately 2,5 % of the national population and 8 % of KZNs population. Historical restrictions on freedom of movement for Indians, under Apartheid, are primarily responsible for this ...
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Culture Nigeria

Indian community in Nigeria

Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, is known for its natural landmarks. One of its most recognizable sites is Zuma Rock, a 725m-tall monolith outside the capital of Abuja that’s pictured on the national currency. Abuja, the country’s capital and the most developed city in Nigeria. Safari destinations such as Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park showcase waterfalls, dense rainforest, savanna and rare primate habitats. Indians came to Nigeria long ago on various missions. India established a diplomatic mission in Nigeria in 1958, even before Nigeria became independent in 1960. The former capital Lagos has ...
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NGI Country

Gulf’s Indian Connect

Demands that Gulf Indians are waiting to get fulfilled by Indian government By Mritunjay Kumar  Indian Diaspora: Is Gulf Boom withering? Gulf’s historical connection to India goes back to as early as BC. The spices grown in the South India always attracted the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and later all colonial powers through the centuries. The people in India also migrated to neighboring countries like Ceylon, Persia, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore besides other places in search of mostly work or business more than a century ago. In the pre-independence era, Indians migrated to major foreign cities like Dubai, Abu ...
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NGI Country Peru

Life in Peru – an Indian perspective

By Umesh Pratap Singh   Peru is a country with a total population around 30 million; out of that 66% is urban population. Its capital Lima only contributes 35% of the total population. The rural population is totally dependent on agriculture. However, tourism is one of the biggest industries other than mining and fishing. However, as the biggest  businesses from Peru are –  mining and there’s gold, which India is importing. Most of the companies are active in the mining segment, a  few have rolled back too. Among these, is the fast growing group – Archean, which is really achieving ...
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Kuwait NGI Country

Indians – the community of first preference in Kuwait

Indians living in Kuwait has maintained a lifestyle, close to their motherland By  Vibheesh Tikkodi India and Kuwait enjoy traditionally friendly relations, rooted in history and have stood the test of time. Geographic proximity, historical trade links, cultural affinities and presence of large number of Indian nationals in Kuwait continue to sustain and nurture this long-standing relationship. India has been a natural trading partner of Kuwait and until 1961 Indian Rupee was the legal tender in Kuwait. Till the discovery and development of oil, Kuwait’s economy revolved around its fine harbor and maritime activities which included ship building, pearl diving, ...
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Indians in Italy
Culture Italy

The Indo-Italian Saga

By Ravi Daga Indians preserve their culture and traditions no matter which part of the world they move to. Indians moved to different parts of world and have always mixed well with the different cultures. They maintain their culture, food, traditions & rituals in foreign lands and they also mix up very well with the locals. Indians are known for the skills they possess and their hard work – all over the world. They contribute hugely to many big economics of the world. Italy is no exception, there are many Indians living and working here. In search of a better ...
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NGI Country Uganda

Life after Uganda

By Aarti C Thobhani In August 1972, many South Asians living in Uganda were ordered to leave the country. Aarti C Thobhani reports on the 40th anniversary of their coming to Leicester The summer of 2012 marked the 40th anniversary of the expulsion of the South Asian community from Uganda. In August 1972, a large number of South Asians who had been living in Uganda for decades, were given 90 days notice to leave the country, after an expulsion order from Dictator Idi Amin. This saw the lives of many drastically change, as disobeying the order could have led to ...
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History Sudan

A Decade’s Journey in Sudan

By Bhaskar Chakravorti Ten years ago, moving to Sudan brought up appalling Western media images of a country ravaged by war, extreme heat and dust, and primitive in its development. And then came the surprise. After an initial period of settling in, looking for fellow Indians and foods and spices, I learned that this country, in which I would spend the next ten years, was very different from the images that were projected of it. I learned of ancient historical trade ties of spice, gold and silk between the Meroe kingdom and Indian traders who used the Red Sea as ...
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United Indian
Leadership Singapore

Uniting the Diaspora

By Babita Ambekar Almost everywhere that you travel in the world you will come across a person of Indian origin. We look different, speak different languages and eat different food. Our thoughts and beliefs are shaped by our upbringing and environment, which is highly diverse and evolves from generation to generation. Some of us have never experienced life in India. We read about it in books, hear stories from our elders about the way that life used to be and watch a Bollywood movie every now and then. Others travel to India a couple of times a year or have ...
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