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Silicon Valley Life: Winning, Losing – my intimate personal take

Us and Them For months I debated, dissuaded and deliberated on the US elections. Watched in awe, how this country went through the same rhetoric that marred the political scenario in India. Here in the Silicon Valley, we cater to a certain mindset of political correctness – much so, as we come from varied countries and cultures. We try to even it out by appreciating all that is new and unfamiliar – making them a part of our new life in a new land. Most of us, who live in the Valley, studied very hard all our lives, competed with ...
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Is America ‘Great Again’?

Donald Trump the President-elect was welcomed by President Barack Obama at the White House today who said about him to be ‘unfit’ for the role and was propelled to the office by those who Senator Hillary Clinton called ‘deplorable’. History is made in America again after electing the first black President Obama in 2008. This time not for the first woman President of America but for Trump, who became President without being part of the political establishment and without ever holding any public office. And, who said democracy is the collective voice of people? America is deeply divided as it is ...
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Has Huma Abedin become a liability for Hillary Clinton?

With just few days to go before the elections, the race for the Oval Office is getting more and more tight particularly after the recent email controversy. While political pundits and pollsters may be crunching numbers to determine which of the two candidates have the road towards the magic 270 electoral votes, what is significant to understand is that the fundamental nature of the electorate has not changed. United States of America today is lot more diverse and aligns with the ideals of the Democratic Party more than ever before. One just need to look at the numbers Obama was pulling through ...
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Indian-origin Singaporean honoured with Public Spiritedness Award

A 58-year-old Indian-origin man was honoured in Singapore with Public Spiritedness Award for his life-saving efforts to help an elderly unconscious Chinese man. U Silvakumar, a military expert, put his life-saving instincts to practice and used cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) process to help the Chinese man who was lying unconscious near a Hindu temple before the ambulance arrived. News of Silvakumar’s efforts made rounds online after a Facebook photo of him and other Hindu devotees helping the elderly man was posted on the social networking site. For his efforts, Silvakumar was honoured with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Public Spiritedness ...
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Louise Brown walks down King Street during a Black Lives Matter march, Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Charleston, S.C. The event honored the Emanuel AME Church shooting victims. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)
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US Presidential Election & Indian Americans

Indian Americans generally heavily tilt towards the Democratic party. But this election is different. Many Indians in America think differently, and I’m one of them. So, the final debate is over. Now who should Indian Americans vote for and why? Let’s start with this news of Trump tops Twitter (a formidable medium) during third debate according to an independent website Media Integrity is a lifeblood of any democracy. But if we follow The Hill, it’s clear how the so-called establishment has shattered its own integrity by shielding Clintons and unleashing witch hunt against Trump: Confirmation bias can be powerful. ...
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Hindu Americans lead efforts to build political coalition of African Americans, Latinos and Chinese Americans

A day after US presidential nominee Donald J. Trump said in a New York event that he loves the Hindus and India, not far from New York, in Philadelphia another group of Hindus were silently scripting together a brand new political coalition. Led by Hindu activists Satya Dosapati, Arvind Kumar, African American activist Bruce Carter, it brought together for the first time Hindu, African, Chinese, Hispanic, Korean and Jewish Americans together under the banner of the “All American Rally for Trump”  spelling a new age of minority political activism in America. Among them they already represent a substantial voting population in US. ...
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US Elections: Indian-Americans are in the running

The question is – who will make the cut? The world is shockingly absorbing the US election debates where young children cannot participate! This is one of the lowest points of presidential debates in the US history. While US election fever climbing up a peak, with the Presidential debates the most-watched and the most-talked about events, here’s a look at how the Indian Americans are trying to remain in the forefront. In general, majority of Indian-Americans are supporters of the Democratic Party. However, during this election a large number of them have moved towards the Republican Party or may not vote at ...
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Fire walking ceremony El Dorado, Trinidad

The members of the temple are dedicated to the Goddess Kali in the form of Bhawani Maa. They are having  their annual firepass. Being a sada temple, passing through the fire is both a self sacrifice and a burning of the negative karma of one self. The puja is being held every year during the second Nau Raatri period during September to October. The members go through a fasting period of 42 days. Courtesy: Dr. Kumar Mahabir Trinidad and Tobago ...
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Houston Indians protest dastardly attack on soldiers at Uri

Houston, Texas. Houston’s residents came together on September 23 to condemn the dastardly attack on 18 Indian soldiers by armed terrorists near Uri in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.  Indian-American protesters assembled in front of the consulate of Pakistan and denounced it for sponsoring terror globally. The protesters stood under the hot Texan sun holding placards that displayed “Pakistan – Ivy League of Terrorism” and “Pakistan stop exporting terrorists”. They also shouted slogans for freeing Balochistan from the violent occupation of Pakistan. The protesters lauded the action of Congressman Ted Poe, the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, ...
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Saraswati Vidya Niketan
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Hindu College in Guyana excels in the Caribbean

Reported by Dr. Kumar Mahavir. A private Hindu College/High School continues to excel academically in Guyana (and perhaps the Caribbean), surpassed only by the long-established (1844), State-funded Queen’s College. In the recent CSEC [equivalent to London GCE and Cambridge O’ Level] examinations, Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN) ranked second in the country in attaining more than 10 Grade Ones. Queen’s College                     45 SVN                                        24 Bishop’s High                         14 Stanislaus                                11   The school also ranked second in the country in achieving more than 11 Grade Ones.   Queen’s College                     16 SVN                                        14 Bishop’s High                         0 Stanislaus                                1 Anna Regina Multi                 4 Eighty-three ...
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