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Let Indians be intolerant together!

  The noise and hungama of ‘intolerance’ is sheer craziness both on part of those who created it and those who are responding to it! The debate and discussion about actor Aamir Khan’s (the man who signed a public petition in 2005 against PM Manmohan Singh for criticizing the US VISA ban on CM Modi) statement has reached a point which proves that craze for the celebrities by a section of the society overrides everyday problems, as if they are going to solve those film-style! Can you imagine how many pages of print and social media and other media have ...
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Jama Masjid, the main mosque in Delhi India
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Religious Terrorism – a struggle between the past and the future

Before we get to the heart of the subject – the root cause of terrorism today, let us quickly review the terror attack on France in context, because many people are not feeling humanitarian enough without the addition of Kenya, Turkey, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to their sympathy list. Any loss of innocent life is a loss for all of humanity. It is also a fact that more Muslims are killed by Muslims themselves, than by any other group. (One study shows that 11 million Muslims have been killed since 1948 by Muslim groups). The visible transition from the ...
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Cow Uttarakhand
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On ‘beefism’ and ‘beefist’ politics

Some opposition politicians and sections of the Indian media have made a mountain out of a molehill! The unfortunate death of a Muslim by a mob for his alleged beef-eating has triggered the formation of an ‘intolerance’ bandwagon. Despite plenty of good work done by the NDA government, this provocative issue has been framed as the design of the government, the ruling party and its leaders! While the motive of these ‘beefists’ is very clear, my expectations for this government in the short term are also unequivocal (within the limits of the past sixty plus years of ineffective governance and ...
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The Circle of Leadership: a Religion

True leaders lead, inspire trust, focus on people. “To devote your life to the good of all and to the happiness of all is religion,” says Swami Vivekananda.  At cross-roads today, India needs to pick the right leadership and regain its faith in ‘Satyameva Jayate’. Kanchan Banerjee True leaders lead, inspired by their beliefs, which form a religion on its own Yes, it’s ideas trapped in the minds of most powerful humans that have liberated the world forever. Good and bad. Hitler and Mandela: one wanted to enslave, the other to free. Einstein wondered if future human societies would be wandering in posterity if not for Mahatma ...
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India Can!

By Kanchan Banerjee The lure of India is historic. One can trace the journey over the centuries and how western people came to view India. Gone are the days when voyagers from Europe went searching for India, for a brighter future by sailing across seas. Remember that Europe especially people of England around 15th century, was poverty-stricken, controlled by the orthodox churches; hence there was an urgent need to go out in search of  religious, economic and political freedom.  With that as prime force, and a dash of adventure, many courageous souls sailed out for the unknown. Christopher Columbus missed ...
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I want to be a winner. Badly. So badly I can taste it. These days I have this tremendous desire to win something. Something to do with the everyone driving away with luxury cars and, worse, some of them being people you actually know and you have to say congrats, well done when what you really want to say is, I hate you because all I get is a card to scratch and it says, thank you try again. I’d like to win a top of the range car that has more than a 1.4 litre engine and is bigger ...
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Harrowing Time For Husbands

The scariest situation for a husband (or a boyfriend) is to suddenly be confronted with that one little question for which they are never quite prepared.  Notice something different? Three words fraught with danger. There is the husband back home after a rigorous day at the office looking forward to nothing more than putting his feet up and relaxing watching the Champion’s Trophy when the wife says, notice something different? Immediately panic descends. What could it be? The sofa covers, the cushion, some new painting, dash it, has to be something, has she redone the table setting, what on earth ...
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Media as an Entertainer

Too much seriousness is a killer. Just think about it. Every day when we wake up in the morning, newspapers, television and the Internet assail us with stories of untimely deaths, unacceptable corruption, unmanageable population, unwanted systemic failures. Should these stories turn into permanent residents of our mindscape, our smiles would disappear for eternity. Preoccupied with what is spiritually emasculating, the mind will be unable to respond to the little joys of life. Is this what we need? I don’t think so. I don’t think anybody does. Everybody has his or her own way of enjoying life. I do that ...
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New Global Indian Foundation celebrates the success of the first ever Global Indian Business Meet in New York City

(New York, Sept 24, 2012) Global Indian Business Meet (GIBM), a 3 day conference held at the Marriott Marquis, in Manhattan, was organized by NGI Foundation (New Global Indian) to provide a platform, for entrepreneurship, innovation, partnership and growth. The event was inaugurated by Swami Tyagananda on the occasion of his 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Tyagananda of Ramakrishna order, Swami Bhoomananda Teertha, underlined respect, justice and charity to be the hallmarks of businesses to make businesses sustainable and rooted to true Indian values. “For the first time a small group of people with a gigantic mission before ...
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Silver Screen @ 100

Time has come to raise a toast to Indian celluloid that’s a century-old. It’s a moment of great national pride and glory for all cinema lovers. Significantly, completion of 10 decades of movies is creating a buzz in the land of cineastes. Lights, camera, action! It was an era where working in cinema was a taboo, where a man with vision and courage made it possible. Mumbai’s affluent crowd had no idea of witnessing something ground-breaking. Minus sound everything was perfectly set on April 21, 1913, at Olympia theatre where Dadasaheb Phalke premiered the first ever full-length film, Raja Harishchandra. ...
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