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Demonitisation Drive: how does it affect NRIs?

The entire nation is stumped under the sudden impact of the denomination drive started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And, the most trending question today is: what to do with your old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes? Both Indians in India and Indians overseas are somewhere content yet confused, you could say. In the state of flux, there has been a great deal of information floating around, that may guide the common man, which includes financial experts and banks have also stepped in to give tips. The answer is clear – according to RBI guidelines, an NRI can deposit ...
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Saving Tax for NRIs: Some Tips

Indians emigrate every year in great numbers. It may be for higher education, plush jobs, better lifestyle – but fact is, that permanent settlement is what many settle for. Goals are achieved, dreams become a reality that push them to reach out to success. There are huge monetary gains. Indians working abroad earn in foreign currency, but at the same time, they may have some investments, deposits and properties that earn income back in India. Hence, the question of filing taxes in India comes up. Residential status of a tax player is important It is essential to determine the residential ...
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15 Years Later Part II

Yes, terrorism in our modern era has arrived on September 11, 2001. I still remember the days at the airport.  I did not have to take off my shoes or belt. I could carry water bottles with me. I still remember the days when we did not have to go through security scans, while entering a government building, bus terminals and hotels. For some time, I’m thinking about violence and war. Is it really inevitable? Our beliefs motivate us to do things. Is it to establish the power of ego – that only my way is right, that the only ...
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The tax scenario for NRIs in India

If you belong to the “salaried” bracket, then you cannot be far away from ‘tax’.  It is part and parcel of your life – for Indians, who reside in India and those who choose be NRIs.  The latter are in a complex space – for they have to deal with two taxation regimes –   in India, and in the country in which they have found employment. Like any other Indian citizen, NRIs are taxed, so also they can enjoy the rebates and deductions provided for under Section 80 of the Income Tax Act. In this scenario, there are options ...
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National Disaster Response Force: Saving life is their mission

India has been traditionally vulnerable to natural hazards on account of its unique geo-climatic and social conditions. Floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides have been recurrent phenomena, affecting 85% of its geographical area. About 60% of the landmass is prone to earthquakes of various intensities; over 12% is prone to floods; about 8% of the total area is inclined to cyclones and 68% of the area is susceptible to drought. Disaster risks in India are further compounded by increasing vulnerabilities related to the steadily growing population, rapid urbanization, increasing industrialization, development within high risk zones, environmental degradation and climate change. ...
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Making amends for earlier lapses

India made history when she liberated and recognized the Republic of Bangladesh despite fierce international opposition from some of the Cold War superpowers. India took that strategic step because that was the right thing to do and suited India’s long-term geopolitical interests as well as international humanitarian concerns. Though the doctrine of international intervention for safeguarding the responsibility to protect had not been codified by the UNGA or the UNSC at that time; India did act in sync with the spirit of the responsibility to protect (R2P). ...
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Securing Industrial_Corridors

Securing Industrial Corridors

D C Nath in an interaction with Anand Singh & Archana Paswan provides insight into IISSM, the pioneer institute imparting training in industrial safety & security. The liberalization policy of 1991 ushered in an era of industrial growth. This new economic policy paved way for the development of numerous industries. The growing number of industries created greater demand for personnel to man the burgeoning premises. The government security agencies lacked manpower to cater to this huge demand. Thus there was a great need and a wonderful opportunity for the private security agencies to establish their foothold. Many private security agencies ...
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