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Netaji Subhas Bose: New web series tracing mysteries of his life

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is such a legendary figure in modern Indian history that 120 years after his birth millions around the world wish that he was still alive. While majority feel like he did not die during a plane crash on August 18,1945 in Taiwan, what happened to him if he lived after that day remains a great mystery. Author and journalist Anuj Dhar has been researching this for many years and has documented many unknown sources in an effort to re-establish the fact that not only he did not die in that so-called plane crash, but also he ...
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Boston and Bharat

Boston and Bharat In the late 1700s and early 1800s, ships from Boston and nearby Salem used to sail up and down the Atlantic, mostly with Ice blocks. These were preserved using saw-dusts and missionaries went to preach to the ‘heathens’ of Bharat, that is India. In those hay days of British colonialism, many exotic items including tea, spices, and artifacts filled the ships in the return journey. The city of Boston and the surroundings in the state of Massachusetts have much historical imprints both for the Americans and the Indians. First of all, the American Revolution took birth here. The Boston ...
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Netaji Disappearance – A new possibility!

One wonders why Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave so much importance to declassify the files related to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. In the manner and swiftness the files are released on-line is indicative of high importance of the subject matter. Journalist turned researcher Anuj Dhar has written the most well-known books concerning the controversy surrounding the fate of Subhas Chandra Bose. India’s Biggest Cover-up (2012), Vitasta Publishing and latest one is What Happened to Netaji (2016), by the same publisher. He is a co-founder of a group called ‘Mission Netaji’. I had not read the books earlier – only watched videos ...
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6th Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project (ISPaD) conference in New York

A very unique event took place in New York on October 1st called the 6th Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project Inc. (ISPaD). Before we present the specifics of this conference, we need to dig history little bit. India was trifurcated in 1947 into India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan. Britain left India but they left a severely divided sub-continent which has thousands of years of shared history. The carnage, mass killings and exodus of people from their homes has no parallel in history. The partition was announced without having any proper plan for people to migrate out/in and as a ...
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ISPAD Interview with Shahriar Kabir,

  Shahriar Kabir is a Bangladeshi journalist, filmmaker, human rights activist and author of more than 70 books focusing on human rights, communism, fundamentalism, history, juvenile and the Bangladesh war of independence. ...
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15 Years Later Part II

Yes, terrorism in our modern era has arrived on September 11, 2001. I still remember the days at the airport.  I did not have to take off my shoes or belt. I could carry water bottles with me. I still remember the days when we did not have to go through security scans, while entering a government building, bus terminals and hotels. For some time, I’m thinking about violence and war. Is it really inevitable? Our beliefs motivate us to do things. Is it to establish the power of ego – that only my way is right, that the only ...
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Interview with Rabindranath Dutta

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India at a Crossroads

By Mayank Shekhar In the general elections of 2014, India renewed its promise of development in the new government. India has made some headway in the last two decades from its positioning as a ‘third world’ country to a developing nation, even though it got its independence 68 years ago after a millennium under invasions and colonial rules. The people of India expect development to be on a fast track in the current Govt.’s tenure. As is typical, the expectations are high and patience very short. At the same time, the opposition and the media together are creating diversions one ...
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A Decade’s Journey in Sudan

By Bhaskar Chakravorti Ten years ago, moving to Sudan brought up appalling Western media images of a country ravaged by war, extreme heat and dust, and primitive in its development. And then came the surprise. After an initial period of settling in, looking for fellow Indians and foods and spices, I learned that this country, in which I would spend the next ten years, was very different from the images that were projected of it. I learned of ancient historical trade ties of spice, gold and silk between the Meroe kingdom and Indian traders who used the Red Sea as ...
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Swami Vivekananda- A Visionary Leader

By Dr. Mahesh Mehta We are commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, who was considered among the top 10 visitors to the United States in the 20th century. Swami Vivekananda, born on January 12, 1863, as Narendranath Dutta, was the disciple of Shree Ramkrishna Paramhansa. He was popularly known as a wandering Hindu monk, who had addressed the First Parliament of World Religions held at Chicago in September, 1893. The speech delivered by him on September 9, 1893, generated an electrifying effect in the audience, echoing the hall with a thunderous applause. He said, “Sectarianism, bigotry and its ...
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