Walking down the College Street

Arnab Acharya travels back in time to unveil the charms of one of the most walked-upon lanes in the city of Kolkata. Though much has changed over the post-Independence decades, the Street still tells tales of alluring times.  If streets had faces like us humans, would they grow from young to middle-aged to old? Would they perish like do those who tread upon them?  In the hot middle of the year, after finally getting over the business of climbing a seemingly-endless flight of stairs at the Metro station, you find yourself at Central. But like everything else, the place is ...
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Casual Education for serious Marxists

Our guest editor Amrita Mitra Mukherjee probes into the current education scenario in West Bengal.  Education has now come to be a secondary priority in power. Once the land of the intellectuals, the state is now reluctant to face changes. The prominence of the communist government can be called the key to such a change in the state.  There was a time, some thirty years ago when the socialist who called themselves communists (I still doubt how else communism can be followed without actually living in a commune) came with the idea of Marx to a land where the humanitarians ...
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Liberalising digitising_broad-basing_Education

Liberalising, digitising, broad-basing Education

Ahead of August 15, 2010, the 63rd independence day of India, what intrigues me is that while our nation, personified by Goddess Bharti, was freed in 1947, and the economy, personified by say Goddess Lakshmi, has had the taste of liberalization in 1991, when the shackles will be broken of education in this country, personified by Goddess Saraswati. Whither New Education Policy & Knowledge Commission? While the terms of the game in the world of education were planned to be changed when the new Education (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal took charge, there is little progress on ground. There were promises ...
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