Small Steps; Big Change

We may not be able to change but we can very well take our own small steps in our own lives and usher in change that shall onset a chain reaction, says Dr. Navniit Gandhi. A hundred years ago, in 1911, The Jana Gana Mana, which later became free India’s National Anthem, was sung for the first time at the annual convention of the Indian National Congress at Calcutta. The first flight (a Humber biplane carried mail from Allahabad to Naini junction) took place in India. The first Indian team and the first Asian team defeated a foreign team when ...
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Bridging the Digital Divide

Satyavir Singh elaborates on how the administrations of the Village Panchayats of Gujarat have gone the digital way, after the implementation of an e-programme in the state. Despite being one of the key IT players in the world, rural areas of India are still majorly cut away with technology. There is no doubt that technology can boost the rural economy and also improve administration of a village. But, this would be unfair to say that rural area of every state is deprived of technology. In fact, there is an e-programme already running in the underbelly of Gujarat for past two ...
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Remembering the_passage

Remembering the passage

The all but forgotten story of poor labourers, who left the Indian shores in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, is all set to be revived and immortalised in Kolkata. Once upon a time, in some plantations far, faraway, profits were plunging down and the Masters were worried. Slavery had been abolished, and it was hard to find cheap labour for their plantations. That is when the Colonial masters started importing labourers, who were technically not slaves, from their other colonies, like India. Licensed agents started recruiting the poorest of labourers to work on contract in plantations and mines, in ...
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Connecting to_the_ancestral_land

Connecting to the ancestral land

The news of a new currency symbol for the Indian Rupee gives every person of Indian origin a great satisfaction. Only a few centuries back, Indian rupee was valued as much as the Dollar and Pound today. Many feel that the time has come for India to re-emerge. Samrat Ashoke’s name is famous for sending emissaries to different parts of the country and different countries around the globe via edicts or messengers. He even sent his closest family members like his sister and brother to various places including Sri Lanka, as well as missions to Burma. It is also known ...
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Adapting PR to Media Aggression

PR professionals discuss on the changing face of the news industry and its impact on PR practices, reports Kavita Bajpai and Neha Bachuwar PRCI is a council body which provides a platform to upcoming PR professionals to exchange their ideas and thoughts. It has influenced various corporate, media houses and other related fields to gather under the same roof and discuss related emerging issues in the country. The views and experiences shared by the professionals at the PRCI Global Meet help the participants to build up a large network, which would guide them to create a niche in their professional ...
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Delhi 2021: A world-city in the making

In a bid to make the capital city a global metropolis, the state government has proposed a master plan which promises to transform Delhi into a world-class city by 2021. Satyavir Singh comes back fascinated. Delhi is undergoing a major facelift as the most awaited Commonwealth Games 2010 is drawing close. The entire city is bracing for one of the biggest sporting events of the year. The administration is not leaving any stones unturned to bolster the infrastructure of the city. Roads are getting revamped, metro network is expanding and security is stepped up from enter to exit points of ...
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Invest Right

Aaishwari Chouhan takes you through investment opportunities and incentives provided by the Government of Goa which make it an excellent investment option. Being one of the largest economies and also a very rapidly developing nation, India is one of the best investment destinations on the global map. Strategically located, the nation has access to the vast domestic and South Asian Market. It boasts a huge and fast-developing consumer market of up to 300 million people, comprising the market for branded consumer goods and projected to be growing at 8% per annum. The demand for several consumer products is growing as ...
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Gujarat: Where fields are greener

VN Balakrishna recites the tale of agricultural transformation in Gujarat, which gave a new lease of life to the farmers of the state. Gujarat’s phenomenal agricultural growth at 9.6% per year between 2000-01 and 2007-08 has set a benchmark for many states. There were several factors which played pivotal role in transforming the barren fields of the state into the green ones. Gujarat is not endowed with the overabundance of water resources, like its eastern counterparts. Nor, the soil of Gujarat is as fertile as of other states. But, still the state has turned out be the winner, as far ...
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The Real Taste of Real Estate

Vinay Pagarani assembles some bare facts of the real estate market of Maharashtra. Coupled with the ‘Property Problems: Pondering and Perspectives’ covered in NGI’s Feb-March issue, this report may serve as the right guide for Indians looking to invest in Maharashtra from anywhere in the world.   Background With property boom bruiting about, real estate in India is touching new heights. With the new policies adopted by the Indian government regarding foreign direct investment (FDI) since 2002, the realty sector has seen an unprecedented boom ever since. Two reasons why it happened: One, the burgeoning industrial sector dilated the demand for ...
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Em’power’ed by Sun

Satyavir Singh throws light on the world’s biggest solar plant to be set up in Vadodara region. When non-renewable sources will exhaust, the mankind will have to return to the primary source of earth’s energy the Sun. With rising consumption of coal and petroleum products, the day seems to be inching closer everyday. Despite being aware about the imminent crisis, most of the nations and governments have turned deaf ear to the issue. But, as there are always exceptions, prudent leaders like the Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, have gauged the future earlier. And the recently-announced AREVA plant bears the testament ...
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