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Global Bihar Summit 2012: Forging Partnerships For Development

Global Summit on Changing Bihar 2012, beginning in Patna from February 17, would discuss strategies for the state’s development. Nepal Premier, Baburam Bhattarai would inaugurate the event. “The summit is being organised for ensuring the state’s development with justice by holding extensive discussions on the subject and not merely mobilising investments” said Deputy CM, Sushil Kumar Modi. ...
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Carrefour - FDI in retail sector in India

FDI in Retail Sector in India – Enter The Dragon

Though the government has put on hold its decision to allow FDI in retail sector in India and entry of foreign retailers like Walmart, Tesco in the country’s $450 billion retail sector, the debate over whether government should allow it or not continues. The greatest issue of debate over allowing 51 per cent FDI in multi-brand retail in India and 100 per cent FDI in single brand retail is like a double edged sword. While liberalisation of the Indian economy further to allow the foreign players like Walmart, Carrefour, etc to operate as retailers may go in favour of the ...
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The pinnacle of Saurashtra: Jamnagar City

The city of Nawanagar later called Jamnagar was founded in 1540 AD by Ram Rawal. Straddled between two rivers, Rangmati and Nagmati, Nawanagar meaning ‘new town’ started to grow around the city palace, the ‘Darbargarh’. Nawanagar since 1959 came to be known as Jamnagar City after the Jam rulers. ...
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Andhra Pradesh, the Crowning Glory

The state of Andhra Pradesh may be passing through one of the most turbulent times in the wake of Telangana agitation, but its economy will bounce back as this state has many feathers in its cap which makes it an attractive destination for the investors. Andhra Pradesh economy has registered over 5.5% annual economic growth rate during the last two decades. This state has been an exporter of many agricultural products. Besides, the state is also one of the most industrially developed states of India. ...
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A pow-wow to cherish

Stuti Jalan recounts her extraordinary experience of rubbing shoulders with the high and the mighty at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, and came back bowled over by the humility of the high-voltage personalities. I had a pre-conceived notion that Fortune Most Powerful Women (MPW) Summit was going to be an amazing experience for me. I arrived in Los Angeles on October 2 and reached Ritz Carlton at Laguna Niguel after an hour’s drive. I was all charged up to see some of the leading personalities like Warren Buffet, Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Pattie Sellers (Fortune), Susan Chambers (WalMart), Molly Ashby ...
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Growing Glowing Gujarat

Gujarat: The Global Business Hub Gujarat, a word derived from Gurjar tribes living on the bank of Sabarmati. Today the water of Sabarmati spreads in different areas of the world in the form of entrepreneurs, businessmen, political leaders and even space scientist too. Two precious things it has: its people and its culture. And Gujarat is enriched with both of these things. The ancient history of India clearly indicates the greatest leaders of all time that this great western – most state has produced. The state has been successful in maintaining double digit GDP with its rich culture. It can ...
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Lesson in decline of the West

Ten years ago, America had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now it has no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash. Or so the joke goes. Only, it’s no joke. The line is pretty close to reality in the US. The less said about Europe the better. Both the US and Europe are in decline. I was asked by a business channel in 2008 about recovery in the US. I mentioned 40 quarters and after that I was never invited for another discussion. Recently, another media person asked me the same question, and I pegged it at 80 quarters. ...
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Destination Punjab – New Growth ahead

As good emerges victorious over evil and Ravana is consigned to the flames by Lord Rama on Dushhera on October 6, another victory for Punjab’s industry takes shape the very next day as CII’s Destination Punjab is inaugurated at Amritsar on October 7. The 4 day Expo, being held in association with the Government of Punjab, is a unique platform created for the business world to interact and forge partnerships and bring forth newer investments and entrepreneurship opportunities for the future in Punjab. ...
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Touching New Heights

Punjab, a state known for its farms, greenery, freshness, hospitality and culture; over the time Punjab has seen many developments in various industries like scientific instruments, water meter, electrical goods, financial services, machine tools, textiles, sewing machines, sports goods, tourism, fertilizers, garments, bicycles. With so many developments in various industries; there is one industry which represents true and culture of Punjab. After so many years of freedom, it is still the largest industry in Punjab. ...
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Paula Ray

Paula Ray explains how the mobile telephony revolution in the country via m-Governance is aimed at ‘inclusive growth’ of the economy. In 2007, Amy Lee of Financial Times walked the barren terrains of Fatehpur, an isolated hamlet in Bihar, one the poorest states of the country, in search of the ephemeral telecommunications revolution supposedly gripping this developing economy. Yes, it was still at a developing stage at that time and so she had to travel 70 km through “narrow, painfully potholed roads” across “bleak farmland and congested towns” before she could spot the first telephone tower. Today, the potholed narrow ...
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