India Uninc.

By PROF. R. VAIDYANATHAN While the nation’s newspapers, journals, business magazines, TV channels and the internet continue to churn out reams, airtime and gigabytes of information about India’s business houses—India Inc.—in this one-of-its kind book, Prof. R. Vaidyanathan delves deep into India Uninc. and presents a persuasive case for why the latter is really what is at the heart of our economy, and why any growth story about India is incomplete if that real engine of our growth is ignored. The author argues that the real India story, over generations, lies with the many proprietorship and partnership firms, small manufacturing ...
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Indra’s Net: Defending Hinduism’s Philosophical Unity

It is fashionable among intellectuals to assert that dharma traditions lacked any semblance of unity before the British period, and that the contours of contemporary Hinduism were bequeathed to us by our colonial masters. Such arguments routinely target Swami Vivekananda, a key interlocutor who shattered many deeply rooted prejudices against Indian civilization. They accuse him of having camouflaged various alleged ‘contradictions’ within traditional Hinduism, and charge him with having appropriated the principles of Western religion to ‘manufacture’ a coherent and unified worldview and set of practices known today as Hinduism. ...
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“Rise and Rise of Jugaad”

Jugaad is a component of human ability which can be compared to a “Swiss- knife” says, Amrita Chaudhary. JUGAAD a word that has fascinated the world by its enigma.Whereas the rest of the world learns EI (Emotional Intelligence) through formal coaching, an ordinary Indian citizen has over the past six decades perfected the art quite naturally while encountering numerous socio-economic hardships and a variety of political, administrative and environmental challenges in daily life. Jugaad is about carving a successful life for yourself. It is regardless about the circumstances or resources that are available to you. It makes you think on ...
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Climate Change

Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi is Leading India’s Development in Gujarat keeping Environment in mind and pens a book documenting practices he implements on Climate Change – says, Mritunjay Kumar. There has been broad agreement over the fundamentals of Climate Change in mainstream scientific circles for some time now. Climate Change is attributed directly or indirectly to human activities which alter the composition of the global atmosphere. It is well known now that its consequences for the world we live in will be disastrous, if left unchecked. Every leader, including the head of states is expected to take steps to ...
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House Against Hegemony

Balkrishna Naipaul’s heralds a new genre of the Vedantic literary approach, feels the Sanskrit Scholar The Mansion, Dr Churaumanie Bissundyal. Balkrishna Naipaul’s The Mansion resonates and flashes with melodies and colours of Raja Rao’s The Serpent and the Rope. Both novels are semi-auto-biographical, dealing with a Brahmanic search for universal truth. Raja Rao’s central character, Ram, marries a French college teacher, Madelaine, who becomes his disciple and later leaves him to pursue his own internal search. Balkrishna Naipaul’s Krishnaji, a young pundit, similarly torn between his love for a village girl, Chano, and a quest for metaphysical and epistemological realms, ...
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Rig of_the_Rishis__Revisited

Rig of the Rishis Revisited

In an exclusive glimpse into our rich heritage, Aruneswar Gupta unravels the meaning of the opening text from the ancient RigVedas. RigVeda is considered to be the first human text ever composed or written. The Vedas are revelations of a supreme spiritual knowledge. In last few centuries, especially during the British period efforts were made to understand these ancient texts. Most of them failed miserably to do any justice to the Vedic knowledge. Their attempt to literally translate these texts without the deeper understanding of the Vedic tradition, and not following the special training and practices required to invoke the ...
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