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Kanchan co-founded the NGI platform and portal in 2008. Kanchan is a prominent NRI living in Boston, USA for over 3 decades. His interests include History, Neurology, Yoga, Politics and Future of mankind. His top hobbies are travelling, cooking and writing. Email:

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Do I want to be in PM Modi’s pocket?

me and rupee1
Let me tell you the saga of my life. I’ve been kept in a wrapper for past few weeks by a family. Allow me to share with you ...
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This Thanks Giving Day

This Thanks Giving Day As North America and many other parts of the world celebrate the Thanks Giving Day (though on different dates), we are simply reminded to ...
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Is America ‘Great Again’?

Politics USA
Donald Trump the President-elect was welcomed by President Barack Obama at the White House today who said about him to be ‘unfit’ for the role and was propelled to ...
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India Needs to Think Different – Part II

NGI Think Different 2
Economy Education Leadership
As the festive season in India is getting over many people are happy to know that Chinese product sales  may be down by 30%. It may be a moment of celebration for patriotic ...
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India needs to think different – Part I

India Rising3
Economy Politics
‘Boycott Chinese imports’ is the social media obsession this Diwali season. Recently SAARC and BRICS summits were making headlines both in regular media as well as social media. ...
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Netaji Disappearance – A new possibility!

netaji last
History Politics
One wonders why Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave so much importance to declassify the files related to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. In the manner and swiftness the files ...
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Once again face-to-face with that tradition: Pujo

Culture Spirituality
I was inside a mall today, when suddenly a fragrance from one of the stores struck me. No, it is not a famous brand of perfume! It was ...
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Behind the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize

Politics Spirituality
The Nobel Committee has announced today that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. This was despite the fact that the referendum ...
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Mahalaya – the homecoming of the Devi

Culture Spirituality
Each society, nation and culture has their own way to express thankfulness as well as to remember their ancestors. The unique idea of rna (alternatively rina) has been ...
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15 Years Later Part II

Imagine (1)
History NGI Opinions Politics Security
Yes, terrorism in our modern era has arrived on September 11, 2001. I still remember the days at the airport.  I did not have to take off my ...
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