Has Huma Abedin become a liability for Hillary Clinton?

Has Huma Abedin become a liability for Hillary Clinton?

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With just few days to go before the elections, the race for the Oval Office is getting more and more tight particularly after the recent email controversy. While political pundits and pollsters may be crunching numbers to determine which of the two candidates have the road towards the magic 270 electoral votes, what is significant to understand is that the fundamental nature of the electorate has not changed. United States of America today is lot more diverse and aligns with the ideals of the Democratic Party more than ever before. One just need to look at the numbers Obama was pulling through in order to understand that phenomenon. Thus when a extremely popular President and first lady, stands with a candidate from the same party, it can very much be march towards victory for the Hillary campaign.
However, there is a twist to the tale as it has unfolded in the last one week. The FBI investigations related to the emails stored in private server found as a result of Huma’s estranged husband’s sexting has opened up a can of worms, threatening the collapse of the campaign. But if we look deeper, its not just emails, but the connections that Huma brings on the table that is more disturbing to even die hard democrats. And even though Huma has been a close confidant of Hillary for the last 20 years, the connections have refused to die down.
For a start, Huma Abedin mother comes from Pakistan while her father was born in India. Her parents migrated to Saudi Arabia where she spent significant part of her life. Her mother runs an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, from the same building of Muslim Brotherhood in UK. The organization brings out magazine journal JMMA (Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs) which support the Islamist ideology, one that calls for the destruction of the Western Civilization and all civilization belonging to the free world. Huma herself was an editor of such a magazine.
After becoming Hillary’s secretary, Huma also became an important part of the Clinton Foundation. It is often said in close circles, that using her religious affiliation to Islam, Huma used to have unhindered entry to many of the oil rich Arab nations. Huma could easily bring millions into the Clinton Foundation while these nations used Huma to promote their own agenda. One that involved terrorism, global jihad and arming the deadly radical Islamists with weapons which they used in genocide against non-Islamic groups like us, the Yezidis. But as long as the foundation stayed strong and American interests were not being affected, these deals were pretty much kept under wraps.
Huma Abedin’s Mother, Saleha, to the left of Hillary Clinton as she gives her autograph to students at Dar al-Hekma college for women in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Huma Abedin’s Mother, Saleha, to the left of Hillary Clinton as she gives her autograph to students at Dar al-Hekma college for women in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
But not just the Arabs, it was also Huma’s deals with Pakistan and most possibly with the intelligence wing of Pakistan which is also coming to light. Often when confidential material was handed over to Huma related to Pakistan, she used to put it in her yahoo account, ignoring the security concerns. Hillary who had a distinguished career in politics, would certainly not have endorsed it. Thus we go back to the original thought, Huma whom Hillary called her second daughter at the time of her wedding to a Jewish American Senator may actually be involved in acts that may be pose serious threats to the security of America.
It is well known that the Pakistani intelligence wing ISI is involved in all major terrorist incident in US and globally in the last two decades. Thus Huma possibly collaborating with ISI and Pakistan is a cause of great concern. Coming from a strict family harboring strict Islamist narrative, her marriage to a Jewish Senator raises eyebrows.  But that is entirely possible for a left liberal lady, however her ties with the Arab nations and Pakistan punctures that argument. Therefore a more likely possibility is that of Maruna, a deception used in the Islamist world  and promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood in recent times to destroy America from within. The Muslim Brotherhood vision statement of Islam winning over America in the late 80s included penetration into the inner circles of power using marriages, breaking the Sharia code while keeping the ideology strong. While we do not know if Huma’s marriage to her Jewish husband who is manifesting himself to be  a sexual addict, has anything to do with the brotherhood plan, it is definitely a matter of serious concern.
Hillary and Bill have worked very hard to come this this level coming from humble backgrounds. They have toiled to attain the stature and clout in the political circles. All that stand threatened by Huma Abedin, whose activities and hidden agenda Hillary may not be even aware of in totality. On the other hand, if Huma is dumped, it will send out a very strong message to the electorate that Hillary Clinton is uncompromising when it comes to national security interests. Has Huma become a liability and is distancing from her perpetually can save the current campaign and keep the hard earned political influence of the Clintons intact is something that needs immediate thought.
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The author Nallein Al Sowilo is a Yezidi American activist, founder of Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society and is the editor of Yezidi Post. She is also a lifelong democrat. She can be contacted at nallein77@yahoo.com

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