US Presidential Election & Indian Americans

US Presidential Election & Indian Americans

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Louise Brown walks down King Street during a Black Lives Matter march, Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Charleston, S.C. The event honored the Emanuel AME Church shooting victims. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)Louise Brown walks down King Street during a Black Lives Matter march, Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Charleston, S.C. The event honored the Emanuel AME Church shooting victims. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

Indian Americans generally heavily tilt towards the Democratic party. But this election is different. Many Indians in America think differently, and I’m one of them. So, the final debate is over. Now who should Indian Americans vote for and why? Let’s start with this news of Trump tops Twitter (a formidable medium) during third debate according to an independent website

Media Integrity is a lifeblood of any democracy. But if we follow The Hill, it’s clear how the so-called establishment has shattered its own integrity by shielding Clintons and unleashing witch hunt against Trump:

Confirmation bias can be powerful. So, convincing people to vote for one vs. the other candidate, especially this late in the game is a tall order. But, it’s still worth a try. Most voters fall for the carefully orchestrated sound bites and visuals in mainstream media rather than relying on their own objective research. Typically, they are swayed by a couple issues that they consider non-negotiable. As a registered independent Indian American, for example, national/global security including Islamic terror, US-India synergies, and sustainable economy are my top three concerns. Clintons’ political track record of four decades has been consistently poor in all these areas. In contrast, Trump is new to politics. Past, especially four decades, can be a good predictor of the future. A known, confirmed bad political leader vs. someone who has the benefit of doubt. Hence I say no to Clinton, and yes to Trump.

Many Indian Americans with liberal views on national/global security including Islamic terror will continue to support Clinton. Many of them are rightly turned off by religious Right’s evangelical stance and their excessive emphasis on pro-life movement opposing women’s right to choose. The fact is that Trump has always been and will always be a centrist notwithstanding some political rhetoric that no candidate can completely avoid. Trump’s stance on immigration, which is actually against illegal immigration, and his decade-old off-the-cuff remarks about women have been taken out of context by completely disregarding decades of sexual abuse either committed or facilitated by both the Clintons that eventually disgraced the Oval Office nicknamed the Oral Office. Both Clintons are like peas in a pod and one can’t be separated from the other: .

Trump’s approach to national/global security including Islamic terror is practical and pragmatic. Unlike pro-Islamist Clintons and Obama, he wants to fight ISIS by aligning with all anti-ISIS forces like Russia, India, etc. Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard rightly opposes the current Clinton-Obama policy in Middle East, particularly on Syria, which can quickly spiral out of control by pitting US directly against Russia.

I do not subscribe to the so called Gandhian/Ashokan slippery slope of pacifism that effectively turned a most powerful, prosperous, educated, and cultured land of Bharat/Aryavart into a terrorized, Islamized, colonized India. सठे साठ्यम समाचरेत (sathay saathyam samaacharait). My spiritual belief dictates that a violent response to a violence is non-violence. Not a day goes by when scores of people are not terrorized or killed in the name of Islam. And yet the self-inflicted limitation of political correctness keeps our leaders from calling a spade a spade. Unlike Trump, Obama and Clinton are afraid of calling it Islamic terror. When an overwhelming amount of terror continues to be unleashed by ‘Islam lovers’, people should not be distracted by phrases like ‘Islam haters’. As Trump puts it, in order to solve a problem, we first have to define the problem. How can we trust Clintons who have been funded by those who funded ISIS:

Clintons are long-time India baiters whereas Trump has passionately extolled the virtues of enhanced relations with India and taken a clear position against Pakistan (and its nukes) by offering full support to India in combating Pak-generated Islamic Terror. I don’t see much hope for US-India relations when Hillary makes Huma Abedin her secretary of state or chief of staff. Huma has a Pakistani mother (Saleha Abedin, a member of Muslim Sisterhood and staunch Sharia Activist), is Saudi raised wherein many of her relatives have ties to hardcore Islamic terrorists including the perpetrators of 9/11 attack: Additionally, consistent with Clintons’ colorful past, Huma is married to a known pedophile.

Speaking of sustainable economy, the TPP is bad for India and US. Clinton is all for it notwithstanding her recent political rhetoric of convenience. Trump is passionately against it.

The so called establishment controlled media are unconditionally supporting Clintons. As UPenn Prof. Saswati Sarkar recently said “US media is intensely anti-Trump, much more than Indian media was anti-Modi. This may work to Trump’s advantage.”

Sudden outburst of allegations appears to be on a shaky ground. For example, armrests in First Class seats are fixed. They do not fold. But media was having a field day showing a woman who claimed Trump groped her 30 years ago by lifting the armrest while she was seated next to him in a first class. This woman, a Hillary donor/supporter was in too much of a hurry to report it after three decades, without sufficient coaching from Clinton Team, as the election was just three weeks away.

Boor? Liar? Can’t be trusted? The rot in US political establishment runs so deep that both Left & Right feel safer around Clintons and are scared of Trump. Here’s a slightly edited comment from a recent Facebook post after the second presidential debate.

I will take a boor over a liar any day.

Trump took the question head on and apologized. Bill’s pea in the pod Hillary uses the inexplicable charisma of this impeached liar and special interest figurehead to the hilt in her campaign.

Trump is guilty of nothing more than intemperate sexism when he was running for nothing. The Clintons are players who have been in public office for four decades and lied through their teeth to cover the tracks on dear Bill’s ruthless sexual exploitation or money making from Qataris and Saudis to US special interest groups. Also, the Clintons have been disastrous for the world. Those are questions with far greater import. Not the boorishness of Trump. Disastrous? Here’s how.

Bill’s bill of blood:

Yugoslavia (74 day bombing of Belgrade) balkanized

  • 2 million Tutsis butchered with Machetes over 4 months of insanity while Bill had cigars
  • Osama rampaging in the Middle East and in crossbars with Billy Silly explicitly forbidding a strike (way before 9/11)
  • Pakistan imposed Kargil War; sanctions on India; and then asking India to pull back
  • The OUROBORO of collateralized debt fueled greed was fueled on Bill’s watch and came to roost seven years later in Dubya’s

Hillary’s accomplishments:

Bringing peace (?) to Middle East via Arab Spring

  • Libya down the drain to Al Qaeda and endless war
  • A hapless American ambassador and his team pleading for help to him and his staff while she twiddled at state (never in the history of a tin pot Dictatorship has that happened to anyone except British Gov Charles Gordon’s in Khartoum, but then reaction time in 1885 was in months)
  • Syrian crisis
  • DRC
  • Iraq (& the birth of ISIS)
  • Amazing Af-Pak policy
  • Steadfast opposition to India’s co-option in regional interest groups
  • Sheltering Saudi backed regimes
  • Yemen
  • South China Sea
  • Disastrously expensive Obama Care, which Hilary has personally backed as the successor to her economically nonsensical Clinton care

We have an almost 100% probability of bad (Clinton) vs. a 50-50 likelihood (Trump). A confirmed, known, dangerous, political track record of four decades (HRC) vs. someone with none/minimal political profile. Trump has clearly stated his views on Islamic Terror, national security, India (US-India), and economy. We can give him the benefit of doubt that Hillary does not deserve. For, Hillary’s nightmarish track record on all those fronts are stated above.

Like the Indian National Congress, the Clintons are a no-go (four decades are enough!). Some hope, if any, is in giving Trump a chance. Indian Americans are highly educated and the highest paid Asian Americans. It’s about time they make themselves visible and heard in the US political system by considering matters of immediate, tactical, as well as long-term, strategic significance.

(Views expressed are personal, not representative of any organization, including NGI)



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