Narendra Modi dedicates Nagesh Van to the people

Narendra Modi dedicates Nagesh Van to the people

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Inaugurating the 64th state level Van Mahotsav, Shri Narendra Modi says, let trees become a part of our family, the pride of the village and cities. Let us create such an environment

Gujarat has not only placed itself in front line for the industrial development but protection of the environment as well. In addition it has increased over two fold area under mangroves cultivation in order to reduce the coastal erosion.CM talks about the importance of social forestry, says over 5 crore trees increased in non-forest areas in Gujarat.

The Van Mahotsav 2013 commenced on a grand note with Chief Minister Narendra Modi dedicating Nagesh Van to the people. Nagesh Van is situated near the iconic Nageshwar Temple, which is close to Dwarka in Jamnagar District. Shri Modi spoke about the importance of social forestry, especially in the non forest areas and shared that due to social forestry Gujarat has witnessed an increase of over 5 crore trees in the last decade. He opined that Gujarat is not only giving importance to industrial development but also protection of the environment. Shri Modi further shared that the number of mangroves in Gujarat has increased by over two and a half times and this helps in preventing soil erosion in coastal areas of the state.

Earlier the Van Mahotsavs used to be confined to functions in the state capital but in the last decade they have been celebrated all across the state. Every year, the Van Mahotsavs are celebrated in a place that is culturally significant and a special forest is inaugurated there. This year the Chief Minister inaugurated Nagesh Van. Shri Modi stated that doing this not only increases awareness about the environment but also increases tourism in the areas where the Mahotsav has been celebrated.

The Chief Minister also spoke about the importance of sea weed cultivation in coastal areas and pointed that it will help the coastal communities immensely. He talked about how Jan Bhagidari can be effectively used to preserve the various species in the forest like the Gir Lion. About the importance of trees Shri Modi said, “Let trees become a part of our family, the pride of the village and cities. Let us create such an environment.” He urged the people to form a special bond with the oldest tree of the village. He also urged the people to plant five trees on the birth of the girl child, which will generate enough income for giving a prosperous life to the daughters.

Shri Modi presented cheques to Gram Panchayats and awarded Van Pandit awards. Shri Modi said that Van Mahotsavs have played a major role in bringing the people of various districts of Gujarat closer to the environment.

orest Minister Shri Ganpatbhai Vasava, Agriculture Minister and Guardian Minister for Jamnagar district Shri Babubhai Bokhiria and Minister of State Smt. Vasuben Trivedi were present on the occasion. (Courtesy –

New Encouraging Wind Energy Policy Approved in Gujarat

Chief Minister, Narendra Modi adopts successful approach to develop wind energy-based large scale power production facilities across state’s the 1,600 kms of long coastline. Mr. Modi approves Wind Energy policy to expedite development of Wind Power generations in the state

Giving details about the development, Minister of Energy and Petrochemicals Mr. Saurabhbhai Patel said in 2001 Gujarat had installed capacity of wind energy generation of 150 MW, which today in year 2013 has reached 3,147 MW. Of the India’s total 19,000 MW of installed capacity of wind power generation Gujarat alone has the 3,147 MW of power production capacity. This new policy is expected be an added fillip to the activities concerning wind energy installations in the state, said the Minister of Energy and Petrochemicals while expressing confidence in the newly declared policy.

The existing Wind Energy Policy has come to an end in March 2013. Terming the Wind Energy Policy as an ambitious plan to make Gujarat’s 1,600 km of long coastline as a prosperous base for the development of energy sector especially to attract big scale investments from prospective investors from across country and abroad, said the Energy Minister.

Energy Minister Mr. Patel said taking into consideration the huge potential that the state has in terms of unconventional energy sources like wind energy, chief minister has decided to focus on development of wind power base in the state.

As per the new Wind Energy Policy the developers of such wind power plants will be able to sell the electricity to Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL), the state owned electricity company, or can sell it to any other company holding the licensed for electricity distribution. Wind energy generators will be able to sell it to the buyers at Rs 4.15 per unit, which in the outgoing policy was fixed at Rs 3.56 per unit.

The new rates will be in effect for next 25 years for all those developers who are selling electricity to GUVNL or others.

Energy Minister Mr. Patel said, “In order to encourage the developers the new Wind Energy Policy has exempted the electricity generated from windmills from paying the mandatory electricity duty.”

Apart from this, the wind energy developers will be allowed to use the electricity in their own factories if located in Gujarat, said the Energy Minister, adding that provision for the self-consumption is done with the wheeling and transmission charges, however, if the developers wish to use electricity for self-consumption at more than one location then they will have to pay additional 5 paise per unit in addition to the wheeling and transmission charges levied.

In case of self-consumption, if the industrial unit is left with surplus wind energy will face the cut of 15% and the energy left with them be considered to have been sold at Rs 3.52 per unit to the distribution company.

Energy Minister also gave details on those developers who may not wish to use their wind energy for their self-consumption and also do not sell at discounted rate. In that case the developers will have to pay wheeling and transmission charges, not using the banking facilities, and will be allowed to sell it to third party within 15 minutes period block after the offsetting process.

Policy has laid out clear provisions for allotment of state’s vast barren land tracts for the wind energy installations by the developers. In this way it will allow barren land otherwise unproductive and unused, become production source for clean and green energy. And in turn it will boost the environment friendly and efficient production cum use of energy.

Gujarat government has decided to give major thrust to exploit unconventional energy sources when entire World is worried about the global warming and its impacts and as a part of this state government is committed to implement this new policy. Energy Minister Mr. Patel said Gujarat is leading the path with almost 10% of total energy produced come from unconventional sources while others states has meager 2-3% of wind energy productions.

Energy Minister Mr. Patel said in order to rein in issues like power crisis across country, increasing mining production and rising fuel cost for power generation, damages being done to environment and global warming, Gujarat has decided to take a path breaking initiative to encourage eco-friendly unconventional sources of energy production like solar and wind power. (Courtesy –

Gujarat bags one fourth of total industrial investment proposals

India received industrial investment proposals worth Rs 219,628 crore from some 1,149 industrial undertakings in this calendar year till May, according to the data from the ministry of commerce and industry till May 2013.

Gujarat cornered almost 25% of the total investment proposals this year, while as many as 18 states individually accounted for less than 1% of the total investments, pointing rising disparity among states in terms of industrialization.

That Mahrashtra, the financial capital of India, accounted for second highest number of investment proposals, should not come as a surprise.

In contrast to Gujarat is the north-eastern state of Nagaland, which has received zero investment proposal so far in 2013. Other North eastern states are no better off. Mizoram accounted for 0.01%, Meghalaya for 0.04%, Manipur for 0.01%, Sikkim for 0.05%, Arunachal Pradesh for 0.16%, Assam for 0.52% and Tripura for 0.02% of the total investment proposals.

The saving grace for eastern states comes from Chhattisgarh (located in east-central India), which received third highest number of industrial proposals till May 2013, accounting for 13.39% of the total investments.

In West Bengal, Chief minister Mamata Banerjee might go places showcasing the state as an investment destination, but data paints a bleak picture of investment scenario in the state, which recorded a sharp decline compared to 2005. West Bengal, which in 2005 accounted for more than 5% of investment proposals, has been consistently sliding down the investment chart. The state accounted for 1.35% of the total investment proposals to May 2013.

Orissa accounted for has 3.19% of total investments till May 2013, against 11.20% in calendar year 2012.

Bihar turnaround story might be a subject of academic discourse, but the industrialization scenario remains challenging. The state accounted for merely 0.45% of the total investment proposals received so far this calendar year.

The share of Jharkhand in total investment proposals received in 2013 so far was 1.87%.

In 2012, India received industrial investment proposals worth Rs 567,868 crore for the full year. Last year too, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Maharsahtra were the top three states in terms of investment proposals from industrial undertakings.

The data under consideration covers Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum (IEM) filed, Letters of Intent (LoI)/ Direct Industrial Licenses (DILs) issued by DIPP.

Three WTC franchisees keen to set up office at GIFT City

Three franchisees of the World Trade Centre (WTC) in India have expressed a desire to set up a new office in Gujarat International Finance-Tec City (GIFT). The franchisees sent their project proposals to the state government in this regard a few weeks back, claim urban development department officials.

The franchises belong to Pune, Gurgaon and Mumbai and are part of World Trade Centre Association (WTCA). Seeing multiple franchisees vying for the same space in GIFT city, the matter will now be taken up with the WTC board in New York. “The meeting at WTC New York is scheduled for October. The board will decide which of the three franchisees could go ahead and hold talks with the state government,” claims a senior urban development official.

GIFT director RK Jha confirmed that a letter of interest had been received from the three franchisees, “I have received the letter. But the project proposals are with the state government. I would not be able to elaborate on this much,” said Jha.

The purpose of a WTC is to make information available on world trade in real time and coordinated manner. “In such an environment, exports increase because of accessibility to valuable expertise. Among the 19 major facilities that are mandatory at a WTC are a club, large meeting rooms, group trade mission offices, translating services, trade fair and marts, international trade library, trade education services, display and exhibition facilities and a hotel.

The WTC would come up on the non-SEZ area of the GIFt City. When asked about units in the SEZ area, GIFT officials said: “We have three units in the SEZ area right now. One is Monarch Innovation, an outsourcing firm in engineering, a design unit called Kochil and another outsourcing unit called Win Processing,” said a senior GIFT official.

By August 15 Narsee Monjee will lay the foundation stone for a new educational institute. International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITME) will start construction work for its centre by September on its 3.5 lakh square feet area. The construction of a business club would begin in November as the company, West India Hospitality, will begin work. Besides this, hospitals like Medanta and Hindujas have also shown interest in setting up hospitals in GIFT City, said the authorities.

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