Bangladesh At War With Radicals

Bangladesh At War With Radicals

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bangladesh protests

bangladesh protests

Two opposite culture is flourishing in the same society side by side for a catastrophic disaster. What is happening country wide is the clash of culture? asks, Sachin Karmakar

Although Bangladesh was independent forty two years ago at a cost of million lives and huge human suffering yet the dream of secular modern country was not achieved. The country is now divided in two sectarian groups; one is western modern educated young people aging forty and others are with fundamentally madrassa educated group aging thirty. madrassa educated group wears different dress then others and not respectful to national anthem & Shahid Minar. Two opposite culture is flourishing in the same society side by side for a catastrophic disaster. What is happening country wide is the clash of culture?

The majority bloggers who have gathered in Shahabagh Square for the trail of 1971 war criminals are believer of Islam and the fundamentalist who are voyaging jihad against them are also believer of Islam. The bloggers belief that, crime against humanity should not go unpunished, whereas fundamentalists’ believe genocide committed in 1971 in the name of Islam is justified. Two different education systems have made this division. There are thousands of madrassas in operation country wide with funding from Arab countries. There are no visible attempts to intricate those madrassas into the national education system. If these two different systems continue for long, then at some time civil war will be inevitable. We see this pattern of division in Iraq & Bahrain where shied and Sunni Muslims are in battle with each other for political control. Madras’s are enclave of different culture within Bangladesh, which is not in the spirit of secularism and democracy. Need to integrate madrassas into the main stream of the society or exchange them with Pakistan like Berubari, Dahagram & Angarpota.

Due to lack of commitment to secularism & spirit of Liberation War Bangladesh First Government didn’t precede much with the trail of war criminals in 1972. Top collaborators like Fazlul Kader Chowdhury, Khan A. Sabur & Abdul Alim all were in the jail in 1972. But for some unknown reasons the trail didn’t proceed speedy and Tajuddin Ahmed who led the liberation war successfully was sacked from the cabinet in 1973. Reasons behind this mysterious act of our first government must be brought to the public notice for studies and research. Was there any outside pressure or any other hidden reasons?

No political party would comply with the international obligation of serving justice to the war victims. All activities of a political party are aimed to go to the power at any coast and without any principal value or ideology. So, political coconscious for the trail of war criminals can never be reached between the political parties of Bangladesh like west. Present Bangladesh Government started the process of trail in a much disorganized fashion and amended the tribunal law twice due to poor home work and commitment.

The new young generation educated with science & technology is progressive in thoughts, have gathered in Shahabagh Square to denounce the life term verdict of Boucher Rajakar Quadir Mullah. Who is only compared with Nazi General Eichman of World War II? Who could have been given death penalty hundreds of times for each count of murder charge, was only given life term by the war crime tribunal, which has sparked the present unrest. Soon after verdict People from all section of society came to Shahabagh to express their anger peacefully. Since then Shahabagh Square became symbol of unity & secularism, the fundamentalists have started campaigning against the movement as act of atheist & anti Islam. The word Islam is very vibrant in Bangladesh society; by some provocative rumor communal riot & destruction of temple is very easy. Opposition Party BNP and its chief Begum Zia has came out nakedly against Shahabagh & war tribunal to provoke communal riot.

There are common values that have united Europe in to EU and have strengthened their political might in global politics. During Bulkan war 8000 Muslims were slaughter by Sarbs in former Yugoslavia were brutally dealt by NATO forces but not by the Organization of Islamic countries (OIC). Europe knows the consequences of war more the others and took decisive action against Serevo without a hesitation. Arabs don’t support the present trail process in the meanest interest of fundamentalism.

In 1971 all Arab countries were with Pakistan along with China and USA who encouraged genocide and opposes the present trail of war crimes. Bangladesh Nationalist Party along with fundamentalist party Jamat is forcing the country into a chaos and communal violence against Hindus, Buddhist & Christians. By organizing such crime against humanity both the parties wants to give a clear message to India & West that, present ruling party Awami League Is not capable of securing minorities and ensuring stability in the country. Burma may not remain silent observer in case of mass Buddhist massacre in hill tracks.

The very risk of such communal violence will open the flood gate of international peace keeping in Bangladesh. Since long USA wanted a military base in south East Asia to encounter China, present Bangladesh situation will create opportunity for such interference like East Timor and subsequent military base. Please don’t play with communal riot which is more dangerous than fire. Any unrest in Bangladesh will worry India most and encourage them to act decisively. All parties should work together to overcome this crisis.

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