“Rise and Rise of Jugaad”

“Rise and Rise of Jugaad”

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Jugaad is a component of human ability which can be compared to a “Swiss- knife” says, Amrita Chaudhary.

JUGAAD a word that has fascinated the world by its enigma.Whereas the rest of the world learns EI (Emotional Intelligence) through formal coaching, an ordinary Indian citizen has over the past six decades perfected the art quite naturally while encountering numerous socio-economic hardships and a variety of political, administrative and environmental challenges in daily life. Jugaad is about carving a successful life for yourself. It is regardless about the circumstances or resources that are available to you. It makes you think on the spot and face the circumstances or situations that demand creative thinking. Tact is the most essential element of jugaad, and all of us use it to deal with someone or the other in our lives. We have faced situations where the boss did not budge an inch, yet with our presence of mind and jugaad, we had managed to make him see reason.

Jugaad is a component of human ability which can be compared to a “Swiss- knife”. It can help you survive all odds as an individual, group or business. Despite owing its ancestry to colloquial north Indian conversation, it is used in south as ‘maadi adjust kara’ and today this word represents the purest form of emotional intelligence! Surprisingly! This subject has been talked about by Foreign authors and magazines mentioning about the Indian Industry using Jugaad but mostly in the negative connotation. They state that Instead of research, Indians have been using shortcuts. Though, in most of the cases it has been true because India has been long deprived of its resources. But Sometimes it is “benevolent”, “innovation” “creativity” and “lateral thinking”. This fine Indian art of Jugaad is very well formulated into a book by Virender Kapoor by the name “The Rise and Rise of Jugaad” which has very well exemplified the subject by comparing it with a coin. As a coin has a flip side, so does Jugaad. But the author has specifically mentioned Jugaad as an immediate solution to a “problem” and not a “crisis” It can be of help in a situation where the problem could be averted or solved and hence saving from the crisis. Jugaad cannot be used at the strategic level-but should be applied at a tactical level like a ‘quick fix tube’ and not a ‘cement factory’. Since multiple abilities lie hidden in its enigmatic fold, Jugaad has been defined by the author as, “Street Smart Multiple Intelligence”.

Best example are The Politicians across the world who have to be street-smart, otherwise they cannot survive. They know how to deal with tricky situations. They know where to speak and when to shut-up. They know where to fold hands and when to show a fist. They are hugely networked. They know the power of true-lies. They know which side of the toast or paratha to butter. They decide who gets the cream and who will take the crumbs. They know how to take one billion people on a mighty ride, and still stay in power. A must-have trait of a Jugaadoo is thick-skin. The thicker the better!

Networking is another aspect of jugaad and any marketer worth his salt , will tell you how networking and jugaad go hand in hand. Networking is nothing but creating a human chain of opportunities. You never know, who will turn a savior in hard times. As they say, there are no permanent friends or foes in showbiz or politics. Jugaad is the key to make the team go that extra mile, when nothing else works. Most personal relation executives think of jugaad as their best friend. Jugaad is an act of applying common sense and tact by the common man in getting work done effectively and efficiently and maintaining harmony in his life.

So what goes into the making of cocktail Jugaad? A vision or an objective. Clear thinking. Effective communication. Originality, intuition, innovation or improvisation. Networking, patience, resourcefulness and action orientation. Add to it the ability to – read people, assess threats, negotiate well, handle petty politics, be tactful, sweet talk, besides handling the ego of oneself and others. To know when to apologize, when to retreat, image management, presence of mind and creating a loyal human network are some of the best garnishing options.

This book is about the fundamental Indian business sense “Jugaad”. It will help you emerge as a winner in everyday situations. The language is straightforward and makes reading even more engaging. Since each chapter deals with a situation, which has been tried and tested by someone else, the idea or concept surely works. As Indians, we have all dealt with jugaad, at some point of our life. It celebrates the uniqueness of Indian spirit. Jugaad is ingenuity in solving everyday problems. Jugaad however is not magic. It cannot solve a system failure. It cannot repair the collective failure of a system overnight.

Jugaad will redefine your approach in life and force you to think like an achiever. It will encourage you to creatively handle seemingly unmanageable situations, people and problems in different environments. Contrary to the popular perception, the author successfully establishes that Jugaad is a positive tool if used with an ethical intent.

Anyone can read this simple book and soak-up its core message, regardless of gender, age, education, social or economic status. It will transform you into an effective person at work, at home and in every other sphere of life.

It is available in English and Hindi. The Marathi translation of the book will soon hit the market. It is also available on the famous websites like Flipkart and Ebay. On the same lines, jugaad of internet can be used to access the virtual bookshops for the book. From a Housewife to a CEO, it is a “survival manual for a chaotic life”.

Each chapter is crisp and can be used by any person. Author has carved a niche by writing on this subject which can be used 365*24 * 7.

This book is the first of its kind providing ‘Global Gyan’ in desi format. The unique feather to its cap is the Jugaad song associated with the book. It is a saucy number named ‘Jai Jugaad’ topping the chartbusters and is also available as caller ring back tone for all mobile subscribers. The readers can not only learn the “mool mantra” for success but can also find out the jugaado quotient in them. The “JODIAC” element describes the traits and characteristics of every zodiac with which everyone can easy associate. Already ruling the hearts of a billion Indians readers this book is something that you must possess.

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