About Us

The New Global Indian (NGI) is a platform for information sharing and networking using various media and events across the globe.

NGI Vision

Creating a platform for forward-thinking Indians living all across the globe and connecting for the betterment of their lives via empowerment of Indians everywhere and to help India rise.

NGI Mission

To provide a platform for Indians to come together, to communicate and support each other in every endeavor.

Why NGI?

The goal of NGI is to create a financially-viable multimedia outlet towards the provision of interactive forums as a platform to generate resources for development. NGI will allow members or clients the opportunity to trade and share all the necessary elements involved in the making of these entities by enabling informative exchange with forums created both online and offline. A forum of these proportions will facilitate a pool of ideas that may lead to pioneering work and viable business options.

The concept of NGI is to remove the dividing line between the Indians living in India and the  NRIs (Non Resident Indians) and  PIOs (People of Indian Origin) across the globe.

If you love India and Indian people, you are a person of Indian origin belonging to any ethnic group, speaking any language, practicing any or no religion and live anywhere. This site is for you to learn, share and network across the globe.

Now do you think you are an NGI?

You are an NGI if and only if you think you are and if you are a forward thinking person who likes to take advantage of the phenomenon of globalization for the betterment of you, your people and your country.