• All eyes on Modi now

      The BJP has crossed the half-way mark in the Lok Sabha on its own. Its stunning performance has been propelled by the landslide victory. Narendra Modi tsunami began to blow, says Rohit Kumar It was a clean saffron sweep and mud in the eye for the congress. As the election commission (EC) went about the giant role of tallying the votes of 563 million Indians, the exit polls and projections gave an early indication that the Narendra Modi wave had soaked up the highest majority ever. Sailing high on the anti-incumbency mood vis a vis the Congress, (similar to what had Read More
  • The Incredible Wildlife of Odisha

    Biswajit Mohanty scout forests, wildlife sanctuaries, lakes and high seas of Odisha and get his breakneck life back in action Odisha is a paradise for wildlife! The Olive Ridley sea turtles who arrive every year to breed on the Odisha coast have put the state on the international wildlife map. Many of my wildlife friends envy me for belonging to Odisha which is the only state in the country and the second place in the world where this unique event occurs. Turtle lovers throughout the world eagerly await this wonderful natural event when thousands of turtles congregate in the Odisha Read More
  • The Rise of Social Media

    The Internet, social media and all of the related technology are here to stay. This new technological landscape does add a sparkle to our lives. But, this impact has a dark side, observes Rohit Kumar The power of social media that springs to life with a click of the mouse. And, lo and behold, you are connected with the world at large. This obviously, is the amazing part. In the last decade, it can be observed that the popularity of social networking sites has spread like wild fire. It spelt sheer magic. The youth brigade – students, teenagers indeed, got hooked Read More
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